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Pest Animal Management

Feral animals can wreak havoc on Australia’s native vegetation and fauna populations and severely impact agricultural productivity. The introduced European Rabbit and Red Fox are responsible for much of the decline and extinction of several Australian flora and fauna species.


These feral animals also cost our primary produces vast amounts of money in lost productivity from direct predation on livestock, consumption of crops and pasture and land degradation through their contribution to soil erosion.


Management of pest animals is not only a requirement of all landowners under the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994 but is an important factor in maintaining agricultural productivity and conserving our biodiversity.


AERS can assist private landowners and managers of public land to control and minimise the impacts of feral animals such as foxes and rabbits. Such services include assessments of pest animal abundance and distribution to facilitate the preparation and effectiveness of control strategies. Such programs consist of 1080 poison baiting, shooting, and removal of harbour such as fox dens or rabbit warrens. Integrated pest animal control programs are advised to ensure effective pest animal control. We can also prepare, and recommend, a specific Pest Animal Management Plan to actively manage pests and minimise their impact over the long-term.


AERS holds a Commercial Operators Licence issued by the Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI) to undertake vertebrate pest control using 1080 poison. Staff are also licensed and experienced in the use of firearms for shooting programs.