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Chemical Immobilisation of Wildlife (Tranquilizer Gun Services)

AERS provides tranquilizer gun services for the capture of larger wildlife species such as Kangaroos, Wallabies, Koalas and feral Deer or Goats for research, translocation or control programs. The use of a tranquilizer gun to immobilise and capture such wildlife species is less labour intensive than alternative methods such as trapping, far less stressful for the animals and much safer for those handling the animals.


AERS holds a Category C firearms license for the use of a tranquilizer gun and is licensed by the Department of Health for the use of S4 tranquilizers. All wildlife capture programs are undertaken in accordance with the conditions of specific Wildlife Research Permits issued by the Department of Environment and Primary Industries.


AERS has assisted Parks Victoria, the Department of Sustainability and Environment, Portland Aluminium, Portland Fauna Park, Melbourne Water and university students with various wildlife capture programs for a range of projects.